Summer Sharing….

Summer is a great time for connecting with the special people in your life. Engage in insightful conversations and have lasting memories while hosting your own Tarot Party!

  • 4-8 People each receive 20 min. Tarot
  • $25/per person
  • Hostess gift of crystals & a pendulum
  • Call 604-377-2197 for more details!

Other services offered are:  Tea Leaf Reading and Bellydance Goddess workshops.  Individual Crystal Healing & Reiki appointments are also available.


House Blessings/Space Clearing

Deliberately clearing space of negative energy is a custom as old as time.
Clearing space also renews old and stagnant energy in a space and replaces it with a lively vibrancy.

Space clearing is most successful when your intention is clear and no matter how you realize this intention, this is a simple and easy ritual you can practice regularly.

Your session is usually about one hour.

I  will facilitate the space clearing, teach you and provide the tools (sage and smudging shell) for your own future blessings of your sacred space.


Since completing my 3 Day Intensive training for Scientific Hand Analysis, I am asking for your assistance.  In order to qualify for the year long Intensive, I need to complete analysis of hands for 100 people.  

 With your next Tarot Reading of 30 minutes or more, I am offering complimentary hand analysis sessions for the first 10 appointments each month.

I am available for most mornings and for afternoons 2:00 to 9:00 p.m.  Please allow 30 to 45 minutes for the hand analysis and I am grateful for your honest feedback after your session!



Burning Messages…

Starting with a Release Ceremony
Burning Messages
I started January with a Release Ceremony and a group of wonderful ladies. Situations, people, and events that they wanted to let go of were written on notes and released in a burning bowl.

Smudging toolsEveryone experienced a Smudging afterwards.
Then Gratitude Jars were created to focus on the positive events and people in our lives. This helps to raise our vibrations and aids us in manifesting more abundance in our lives. This can show up in many forms — financially, spiritually, physically and emotionally. Together we worked on creating our personal Vision Boards to help with manifesting all the good things we wanted to bring into our lives.

February’s focus was on loving ourselves and acknowledging those special people inIMG_4760 our lives. It is not just a one day event like Valentine’s Day. It’s all about Daily Gratitude and sharing that information with those special souls who support us on our Paths. I absolutely adore my Rose Quartz crystal, to remind me about loving myself and others!


IMG_3619With the New Moon upon us February 18th, the focus is on new beginnings, embracing change and creating opportunities for growth in a variety of ways. For me, I was recently interviewed and my office space was photographed for a Yellow Pages business spread. Looking forward to sharing my business on a wider scale! I am grateful for the opportunity!

I am excited to begin offering Turkish Coffee Readings to clients. I am also looking forward to Scientific Hand AnalysisTurkish Coffee Reading training in mid March. I will have the opportunity to gain more insights and experience by having clients volunteer their time and hands for me to study! I will keep you posted for dates and times when I will be seeking volunteers!

Keychains & PendulumsI continue to offer a variety of services to my clients: Tea Leaf & Tarot Readings, Bellydance workshops, Reconnective Healing, Crystals and Pendulums.

Until then,

New Moon Blessings!

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Healing Vibrations

Find out how Reconnective Healing, Reiki or crystals can improve your well being!

Recently I completed my Usui Reiki Level 2 and in June I also completed my Crystal Healing Certification with the Hibiscus Moon Academy. I have learned so much and I look forward to providing sessions for: Chakra Balancing, relaxation, fertility, grounding, self-love/heart-centeredness, manifesting abundance, and more!

I will be able to combine the crystals with Reiki or Tarot Reading sessions.
I continue to offer Tea Leaf Reading one on one, or for group sessions.

My true passion is Reconnective Healing. I recognize that more people are familiar with Reiki, but I will leave the choice up to you for removing blockages in mind, body or spirit.

All services are offered at $1 per minute. Feel free to combine any services. For example you might like 30 minutes of Tarot, followed by 30 minutes of healing of your choice, crystals, Reiki or Reconnective Healing.

As a way to say thanks for opting in and subscribing to my newsletter that comes out every 2nd month, I will give each subscriber a 3 crystal keychain/necklace with their next booked reading or service.

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