About Tarot

Coquitlam Tarot Reading –
Enlightening Your Personal Journey Through Tarot

Through the ages, humans have sought connection with the spiritual dimension. In this respect, human nature has remained unchanged from what it was in the most ancient of cultures. The only thing that has changed are some of the tools and methodology used to make that connection.

There have been many tools of divination used from bones and tea leaves, to runes and i ching. A very commonly used tool today for insight and counsel is the Tarot. The Tarot is not like the proverbial “crystal ball” that purportedly reveals a clear picture with absolute answers. To the contrary, the Tarot is a symbolic and interpretive tool filled with possibilities and choices.

It is an interactive experience involving the cards, the reader, and the subject. Valuable insight into a question, problem, or self-awareness can result from a Tarot reading when done by a knowledgeable, intuitive reader who is able to translate the symbolic story told by the cards as it relates to the life of the subject. In many ways, a Tarot reading is like a visit to a trusted counselor who objectively observes, asks questions, and uses that information to guide the subject into deeper analysis and increased awareness. The Tarot never tells you what to do, or what will happen. Rather, it highlights influences, behaviors, and beliefs that are pieces of a past, current, or future situation that may have been previously hidden from view or unrecognized as being connected.

This information can guide the subject toward, or away from, self-determining actions based on informed choices and wise decisions. A skillful Tarot reader will lead you through a fascinating journey through your own life and relationships over which you always have the ultimate control. It doesn’t require a belief in anything but yourself and the greater wisdom and understanding it will reveal to you.